Tribute to the legendary Mattystuntz

Tribute to the legendary Mattystuntz

by trinco

He made mind bending tricks that we never thought possible. Some tricks i can’t execute due to 30º lens angle for example inverted orbit and 90º yaw orbit. I tried to do the 90º yaw orbit (1:36) but with 60º cam tilted it will look sick AF! Can’t beat the master!

For higher video quality please visit my airvuz channel.…


Frame : RD210-H

FC : Matek F405-AIO (Betaflight 3.2)

Motors : DYS Mars 2306 2400kv

ESCs : DYS Aria 35A 32Bit

Receiver : Frsky XM+ (RSSI Enabled)

Propellers : GEPRC 5040 V2 (TRI-Blade)

Battery : Gaoneng GNB 1500mAh 4S 120C/240C

Camera : Gopro Hero 5 Session (Protune)

VTX : Matek VTX-HV (500mw)

VTX Antenna : TBS Triumph

FPV Camera : Runcam Swift / 2.1 Lens

Camera Tilt : 30º Degrees

Transmitter : Taranis X9D Plus (M9 Gimbals)

FPV Goggles : Skyzone 3D V2 32ch (Black)


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