Tiny Whoop Light Trails EP 01 – Room Full Of Magic – Painting with Light

Tiny Whoop Light Trails EP 01 – Room Full Of Magic – Painting with Light

by Tiny Whoop


.         Any pilot will tell you there is an art in flight, but illuminating the flight path helped me understand why and compelled me to strive for a more fluid, graceful and efficient flight path. You can see the parts in my flight path where i’m just bleeding out free power.

.        Yes, the light trails in this video are the result of some post-processing, but I submit that this footage communicates the way it feels to be in a swarm of LED-lit Tiny Whoops better than unprocessed, trailless footage.

.         Special thanks to Ben Shepard for the excellent music, to Cody Cooper, Chris Fischer and Christian Avedon for piloting, Scott Keatts for the inspiration, and most of all to the excellent Tiny Whoop community! Without the support of the community and tinywhoop.com I wouldn’t be able to consider projects like this. I couldn’t be more grateful.

.           I filmed the dynamic 360 shots in this video using the new GoPro Fusion, edited with the GoPro app, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere. Rendering takes forever but I’ll be releasing a tutorial because I would LOVE to see how others use these tools! If you have any ideas please post them in the comments below and subscribe to see what we come up with in the future!

Tiny Whoop is a First Person View (FPV) micro drone that gives you the gift of flight and lets you explore your world in a new way! In this flick I’m using Tiny Whoops with on-board LEDs to paint light across the sky. All of the LEDs in this video (tiny leds, headlights, strobes, flashing lights, lasers) can be found HERE:


I’m flying a Tiny Whoop Racer (TWR). Here’s the Kit for 99 bucks:


Special Sauce Motors – https://www.tinywhoop.com/collections…

Some of these aircraft use the new Awesome Sauce Motors – https://www.tinywhoop.com/collections…

Stock FPV Board – https://www.tinywhoop.com/collections…

Tiny Whoop HV 255mah Battery – https://www.tinywhoop.com/collections…

Reinforced Stock Frame – https://www.tinywhoop.com/collections…

FX900TW Camera Combo (NOW AVAILABLE IN LEFT HAND!)- https://www.tinywhoop.com/collections…

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