The office bridges – #justone

by ummagawd The next installment of my one take series. Thanksgiving day, you only get 1 battery before security finds you. Get it! you can clone my frame, but you can’t clone me Check out my other channel for MORE crazy drone shenanigans: Shout out to my sponsors: http://www.fatshark.comContinue reading “The office bridges – #justone”

Merry Christmas from the NURKs

by NURK FPV Happy Christmas and Merry New Year from me, Rachel, and Kira (and Bobbles the cat). SO MANY THINGS IN THE DESCRIPTION CHECK IT OUT NOW! My radio: Futaba 18SZ // TBS Crossfire // My Goggles: Fatshark Dominator HD3: Furious FPV TrueD V3: My Freestyle Drone: Motors: T Motor F40Continue reading “Merry Christmas from the NURKs”